Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Pinteresting Nursery: More Seating

Since Maddie's room isn't very big, I tried to find pieces of furniture that would double up either in storage or in function.  I really wanted a built in window seat area, but since our windows come down so low, I knew it would be rather pricey for a built in since it would involve a window remodel.  So, off I went to my ever faithful Pinterest and started rooting around for ideas.  Here's what I found:

I loved the idea of a toy storage bench/seat!  And, luckily, I already had the perfect piece to go there.  Once upon a time, when this room was my scrapbooking area, I had purchased a Billy wall unit from Ikea and we had taken it down since we were moving my stuff out.  It was the perfect dimensions for the space.  The height of the bench is perfect for little ones without being too short for an adult to sit on.  I shopped around and found that the Closet Maid storage boxes were a good fit for the cubbies.

To make the bench pads, I purchased a 22"x22" chair pad from JoAnn's and cut it down the middle.  It made two pads that fit the top really well.  Now by the time I was working on the bench pads, I was tired of sewing and quickly running out of patience, so instead of making a box cushion cover and adding the cute piping I had envisioned, I decided to wrap the foam in the fabric and use a simple blind stitch seam on the ends.

Lessons learned: the bench pads will slide around, use a small piece of non-skid rug pad under each one to keep them from moving; when pre-ordering fabric from Etsy, count on it being delayed at least 6 weeks!!

Cost Breakdown:
Storage Unit - Ikea - $0 (already had on hand)
Chair Pad Foam - JoAnn's (with coupon - $16.77
Fabric - Etsy - $7.25 (1 yd @ $7.25/yd)
Bins - Target - $17.97

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