Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Maddie is on the Way!!!

So, it seems I fell off the face of the earth again :(  but it's been for a very good reason.  Our first baby will be here any day now and we've been working like busy little bees to get not only her nursery, but other areas of the house as well, ready for her arrival.  Add in the fact that we sacrificed my scrapbooking room for her nursery (I know, I know, it's hard making grown up decisions!!) and there's been no time for papercrafting.  I actually bought cards this year for Father's Day, bleh, they were super pricey and SOOO generic.  But all's not lost, my scrappy tools have seen some use in the past few months, it's just all been baby related and I promise to it all to you in the next few weeks.

Since this is our first journey into the world of kids, I quickly turned to the internet, and my BFF Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for all things baby.  And, as usual, Pinterest did not disappoint.  Not only did the majority of my ideas come from there, but the boards were great for corralling all of my purchasing sources.  We were definitely on a budget for our nursery and the majority of the items in this room are either DIY or customized by yours truly and the hubby.

Ready to see some pics?

When we found out we were expecting a girl, all of my previous gender neutral concepts flew out the window.  I knew I wanted a girly space, but I also knew I didn't want to overdose on Pepto Bismol pink.  She has a whole life of pink ahead of her, so we decided to go with non-traditional colors instead.  After looking at inspiration pictures online, in magazines, and on TV, I realized that we were quite drawn to rooms that had aqua or grey in them and we definitely had a strong preference for white furniture.  So, that's how our color scheme came about.  After choosing our colors, the room slowly started to come together in concept as we factored in the items we knew we wanted in the space, such as a dresser with a changing pad instead of a changing table.  Luckily, we started planning out the space since March so there's been plenty of time to wait for sale prices, work on projects a little at a time, and ponder over decisions.  All of this, I think, helped us to create a truly unique space that we love and can grow along with our baby.

There's so many items in our nursery that I would love to expand on and go over with you, but it would be way too much for one post, so I'll be back throughout the next few weeks or so with individual posts on the items we incorporated in our nursery and links to the tutorials and/or inspiration pieces.

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