Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organize It: Stamps

One of the aspects I’ve struggled with the most throughout my paper crafting foray has been how to organize my ever expanding collection of paper, stamps, and tools.  When I first started scrapbooking several years ago, my collection fit in a tiny handheld crop bag.  Overtime, my storage and organization has evolved as my collection has grown.  So, I thought I would share my storage and organization methods in a weekly blog post over the next few months.  Perhaps I can help someone else get their collection neatly stored and organized.

Now, before I start, I want to make the following disclaimer: the majority of the storage and organization solutions that I’ve implemented have been based on ideas found on Splitcoast Stampers forum and tips fellow bloggers have posted on their blogs.  One such blogger, Patter, has been particularly instrumental in my organizing experience.  As I post each week’s different blog, I will try my best to include links to products and other sites that can perhaps help you along.  That being said, here we go!

This week I’ve decided to cover stamps!  Out of all my supplies, my stamp collection was the hardest to tame. Since I started, I’ve used several storage methods before I found the one I was happiest with.  Right now, I’m currently storing both my rubber and acrylic stamps in enclosed mini binders from Univenture. 
 All of my stamp sets are organized by brand.  If a particular stamp collection spans several binders, then the name of the stamp lines are also on the binder spine.
On the front of each binder is a table of contents with the names of the stamp sets that it holds.  Under the name of each stamp set is a line list of all the saying that can be found within that stamp set.  This helps me find a particular saying at a glance.
On the back of each binder is a picture of each of the stamp sets found inside.  This helps me search for any given image by scanning the back of the cover.
To create the panels that hold my stamps, I have taken several Scraponizer file folders and cut them down to fit inside the binders.  Each pack of file folders will yield 8 panels.  I like how the sturdiness of these file folders allow me to store stamps on both sides.  
The reason I’m so happy with these binders is that I can store both my acrylic and rubber stamps using one method so I can keep my storage uniform.  Also, this method is quite cost and space effective compared to other storage solutions. 

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Thanks for staying with me through this long post! J  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and I will try to answer them.  Have a great day!

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Erin Smetak said...

Wow Leslie! This is really cool! I also have started writing down what all the stamp sets have verbage wise, and keeping a notebook so I can look at a quick glance. I like what you have created MUCH better! You're SO SMART!!! ;) I miss chatting w/ you! Hope all is well!