Monday, August 13, 2012

A Pinteresting Nursery: Seating

Hi, I've got another Pinteresting nursery project to show you today, our refinished glider.  Our sweet friend sold us her glider for a great price but warned us that the cushions would need some reupholstering since her son had taken at red Sharpie to them.  To me, it was the perfect opportunity to try out a Pinterest project!! :)

The glider was finished in a natural wood color with cream colored upholstery.  Since all the furniture in the nursery was white, I knew some spray painting was in order.  We took the glider outside on a sunny day, cleaned it with a degreasing agent (don't remember which one), and wiped it down really well.  Then, we primed it with two coats of Zinsser's Cover Stain primer.

After letting it dry for a couple of days, we lightly sanded it down and sprayed it with several light coats of Rustoleum's Ultra Cover Spray in Gloss White.
With the painting complete, I started on the reupholstering process.  I used this and this pin from Pinterest to help me get started.  The sides were really easy to make and were done fairly quickly.  For the bottom cushion, I decided to buy a thicker pad and had to cut it to shape, my kitchen electric knife made that job fairly easy.  Since the bottom pad was thicker, I had to cut the back portion to make it fit.  During the process I completely forgot about the snaps at the back but the cushion is snug enough to stay in place on it's own so I'm not worried.  The gray zebra fabric is the same one I used on the crib bumper.

Next, I covered a small pillow using this envelope tutorial.  It was so quick and easy to make, I almost wish I had more pillows to cover!  The butterfly fabric is the same as the curtains.

Finally, I made a double sided blanket using this tutorial.  I actually remembered to wash my fabrics first which was a good thing since both of them shrunk significantly!  The hardest part was how much the fluffy fabric shifted!!  I used tons of pins and safety pins and it still shifted quite a bit.  I also used a quilted fluffy fabric instead of the minky fabric the tutorial recommends, that may have affected it.
 Overall, this was probably the most involved DIY project we did for the nursery.  It did take quite a bit of time and materials, but in the end it was worth it.  The glider fits in with the room perfectly and it's a super comfy place to just sit and relax (hmm, maybe I should move into MY bedroom!!)

Cost Breakdown
Gilder - purchased from friend - $50
Primer - Home Depot - $11.16
Spray Paint - Home Depot - $11.61
Chair Pad Foam - Hobby Lobby (with coupon) - $7.79
Zebra Fabric - JoAnn's (on sale) - $12 (3yd @ $4/yd)
Rectangle PillowForm - Hobby Lobby (with coupon) - $4.79
Butterfly Fabric - Hobby Lobby (on sale) - $2.10 (1/2yd @ $4.20/yd)
Total Cost: $99.45

Have you reupholstered a glider?  Link up your pics in the comments!

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